October 17, 2004 7:05 pm

Ninja Zombie

We shot our video for “Intro to Video” today in a cemetery. The cemetery was really pretty; I wish I had a camera with me so I could have taken some pictures. Ah well, I might make it back up there sometime. I’ve never seen a cemetery like it though, there’s lots of mausoleum-tomb thingies. Big cement houses. Lots of good imagery for a black metal CD cover.

Our movie is about a guy who returns from the war to find that his brother is dead, so he’s visiting his grave. As he kneels in front of the tombstone, he sees a zombie far away gnawing on a hand. Our soldier gets up and jogs behind a huge …um, platform? with a large statue of the crucifiction complete with Mary and …that other woman. Yes. Anyway, he hides back there and looks for the zombie. Suddenly, the zombie comes from behind Jesus and jumps over the hedge to face the soldier. They get into fighting stances and begin fighting. The soldier knocks the zombie’s hand off, but the zombie gets him into a headlock, so the soldier bites his arm. The zombie pushes him away and goes stumbling off. The soldier dusts himself off, and goes and grabs his pack from where he left it at the tombstone. It may sound crap, but it’s actually pretty cool.

I came back from that and watched “Shadow of the Vampire” and then updated some things on my site and tried to adjust some things in CSS for this journal. Woo. I need to print my “ladies man” project for Concept Development tomorrow so I have time to re-do things if the test print doesn’t go well. No school tomorrow; apparently it’s “Institute Day” or something silly like that. Oh well, it gives me more time to work on other stuff. I need to think of a project to do for History of Material Cultures, and I need to think of a final project for Intro to Video. For H of MC, I need to document the changes in one area from ancient times to less-ancient times. For instance, I could document what changes the chairs for royalty went through. Or what changes war attire went through. Or jewelry. Or something. Callie came up with the war attire thing (like what soldiers wore to go into battle) and I really liked it. I’m not sure if she’ll want me copying her idea though, so I might not.

Well, I think I might go meet Daniel when he gets off work and then we can go get some food at Taco Bell or something. I have no food. I ate oatmeal and saltines today. And a peanut butter and apple jelly sammich. And some “Citrus Drop.”

Pop the Drop!

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