October 15, 2004 8:00 pm

It’s Photoshop This Time, Not CSS

I have been using Photoshop all freakin’ day. Now, if I use PS all day for my own personal use, like for my site, it’s perfectly fine. But there’s just something very very different about using it for school projects.

Daniel’s at a concert right now. “Converge” or something like that. He went with Joe. Meanwhile, I’m at my computer. Again. Though, when am I not, really.

I should have one of those “Listening to: so-and-so” scripts on my site. That way, I could advertise that I’m listening to Type O Negative, or Borknagar, or The Presidents Of The United States Of America. A little while ago, I was listening to my neighbor’s music, which first was some nice classical stuff, and then some hard rock, and then some weird-ass trance stuff. He listens to music like I do, apparently.

My job interview seemed to go pretty well; the guy said (at least twice) that I was an “excellent candidate,” but did mention that he’s only going to be hiring like, five people out of the twenty or so that have applied. I’ll know either way by next Wednesday or Thursday, apparently. I need a job. And maybe sometime in the future I’ll share with you the disaster that was trying to pick out decent clothes to wear to said interview.

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