October 13, 2004 8:43 pm


The best site ever is bash.org. Many of you probably know of this site already, but if not, seriously. Check. It. Out.

It’s like my friend quotes page, but with lots more people and lots more talk about masturbation and porn. Or pr0n, whichever.

So freakin’ funny. Sample:

turno: I want to fuck Michelle’s brains out with my huge fucking cock, over and over again .. and then her sister can come and join us too.
seeker: Err turno, your mom reads the quotes on bash.org?
turno: I’ll fucking KILL YOU! !
seeker: Your mom does work for the church ? If she reads what you just said she’d be pretty angry right?
turno: Dude you have no fucking clue, don’t seriously… you’d be ruining my life.
seeker: Don’t worry, I won’t post it.
[Privmsg] seeker: Hey dude, I’m gonna paste something – will you post it on bash.org?
[Privmsg] opiate: the turno thing? haha you fucking bastard!!
[Privmsg] seeker: hehe his mom’s gonna fucking kill him, drag him to that church they go to and get the priest to sodomise him.
[Privmsg] opiate: yeah and then he’s gonna come fucking kill us, still I reckon it’s worth it;)
[Privmsg] turno: You’re not gonna post it are you ? Please don’t .. I’m begging you.
[Privmsg] seeker: I’m not gonna post it:) and even if I did she’d never know that your nick turno was her son Michael Savu .
[Privmsg] turno: *phew* spose you have a point

docsigma2000: jesus christ man
docsigma2000: my son is sooooooo dead
c8info: Why?
docsigma2000: hes been looking at internet web sites in fucking EUROPE
docsigma2000: our fucking phone bill is gonna be nuts
c8info: Ooh, this is bad. Surfing long distance adds an extra $69.99 to your bill per hour.
docsigma2000: …!!!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK
docsigma2000: is there some plan we can sign up for???
docsigma2000: cuz theres some cool stuff in europe, but i dun wanna pauy that much
c8info: Sorry, no. There is no plan. you’ll have to live with it.
docsigma2000: o well, i ccan live without europe intenet sites.
docsigma2000: but till i figure out how to block it hes sooooo dead
c8info: By the way, I’m from Europe, your chatting long distance.
** docsigma2000 has quit (Connection reset by peer)

ben174 : If they only realized 90% of the overtime they pay me is only cause i like staying here playing with Kazaa when the bandwidth picks up after hours.
chrislmb : If any of my employees did that they’d be fired instantly.
ben174 : Where u work?
chrislmb : I’m the CTO at LowerMyBills.com
*** Ben174 (BenWright@TeraPro33-41.LowerMyBills.com) Quit (Leaving)

…And much more.

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