October 6, 2004 8:24 pm

Photography, Bagels and More

For Concept Development, I have to take 20-50 portrait-style photos of myself before next Tuesday. This in itself isn’t very hard. The part that’s hard is making myself look presentable for said photographs. Ahh, the work begins.

Thanks to Brien and Elliot for signing my guestbook recently. I’m somebody’s hero! Woo! No, seriously though, I really like when people sign my guestbook. I like knowing who’s been here besides me!

To preface this, I’m going to mention that on the days I have school (M,T,W) I stay in my own room and Daniel stays in his so I can get a decent night’s sleep. However, last night, Daniel accidentally fell asleep in my bed and then proceeded to hog the bed all night. Now, I could be much more bitter about this than I actually am. The truth is, it wasn’t horrible, so I’m not mad about it at all. It was just kind of undesirable. I wouldn’t normally have minded that he slept there, but it was sort of uncomfortable most of the night and he was laying on my blanket so I was a little chilly too. I mentioned this to him when he woke up, and apparently he felt really bad about it because he didn’t even mean to sleep in my room in the first place. When I got home from school there was a note on my computer that said:

Sorry I hogged the bed. I feel bad. Take a look in the fridge.
Love you <3

So I looked in the fridge, and there was a bag that had a note on it. The note said:

I meant to get a bigger one, but they gave me a small one. Enjoy!

The bag was from Noah’s Bagels (if you don’t know who they are, they’re this fantastically delicious bagel shop near our apartment building) and contained a plain bagel with a container of honey-almond cream cheese (my favorite of theirs)! How nice of him! And it’s not like I was upset with him for it or anything, but apparently he really did feel bad. Food is good.

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