September 25, 2004 5:43 pm

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I updated my underwear fanlisting today for the first time in over a month. God, school can take up so much time and mental resources! I’m still trying to get WP to work how I want it to. It’s not working.

Yesterday was a lot of fun; Daniel and I went walking around 23rd avenue just for fun. There’s a branch of the public library up there that he wanted to return some CDs to, so we went there first. On the way back, he wanted to show me this Co-Op grocery store that he found, so we went in there and I bought some spearmint “lip smoothee” lip gloss stuff. I got that kind because it had an SPF of 10, which was about 10 more than any other kinds. And because I was about to die without lip gloss because I left what little I had in my other jeans at home. Lame. He bought us some Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pops ice cream bars. He got a Heath bar one and I got Cookie Dough. They were really yummy, and it was fun walking around in the sunshine eating ice cream. We saw a yard sale and looked through their [very limited] CD collection, and Daniel found the CD single of Rammstein’s cover of the Depeche Mode song “Stripped.” It had an edited version and the album version. I don’t know how much they wanted for it, but I didn’t have any cash and I wasn’t about to ask Daniel to get it for me. He spends too much money on me as it is without me asking for things. I really wanted that CD though.

I think what I might do to resolve this WP problem is just to ignore it. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of extraneous stuff as it is, and maybe I’ll just leave the calendar and hope I get used to it. I still have yet to figure out how to integrate this blog into my actual site, but I’ll get there. I promise.


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