100 Things About Me

  1. I’m under 5 feet tall
  2. I’ve never taken illegal drugs
  3. I harbor a not-so-secret love for many things Martha Stewart
  4. I never liked dolls, I played with Tonka trucks and Legos as a child
  5. I find embroidery incredibly rewarding, as projects are small and can be finished quickly
  6. I cannot stand pickles
  7. I use fabric inside embroidery hoops as decoration in my living room
  8. I like being a young-ish mom
  9. I breastfeed, co-sleep, cloth diaper, and babywear (and am passionate about all those things!)
  10. I read everything in sight, and I think this makes me a good driving passenger
  11. I nearly always read when I’m eating
  12. I read about 100 pages an hour
  13. I own several workout tapes
  14. I used to be totally infatuated with Devon Sawa in grade school and plastered photos of him on my walls
  15. Before I started high school, I was terrified of it and begged my mom to homeschool me
  16. I took gymnastics classes for seven years and used to compete in meets. My best events were beam and floor.
  17. I was a cheerleader in the seventh grade and I hated wearing the short skirt to school
  18. I find making friends more difficult the older I get
  19. I’m a natural blonde
  20. I am allergic to several metals (probably the nickel in them) so jewelry as a gift for me might be a bad idea
  21. I love bacon, but since Daniel is a vegetarian I don’t get to eat it very often.
  22. I wear eyeliner
  23. I used to hate my name; I love it now. My dad caught me writing variations of my name in a notebook once and convinced me that my name was all right as-is.
  24. My middle name is May, but I wasn’t born in May – it’s a family name.
  25. I’m still friends with some of my ex-boyfriends
  26. I’m probably too forgiving
  27. I tend to be a pretty poor judge of character but I’m trying to get better at it
  28. My shortness comes from both my mom’s and my dad’s sides of the family
  29. I have never been pulled over by a cop
  30. Carrots are my favorite vegetable
  31. Pears are my favorite fruit
  32. I hate apple juice
  33. My sense of adventure is negligible
  34. I hate running, but I like elliptical machines
  35. I’m not exceptional at it, but I like drawing
  36. I am also not very good at keeping plants alive, but I once grew an avocado tree from a seed. It’s been YEARS now and that thing is still trucking along!
  37. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite candy
  38. I do not generally drink soda, even at restaurants
  39. When trying to imagine my personality, think of me as a (hopefully) less obnoxious Hermione Granger
  40. I was in the top 10% of my graduating class
  41. On my SATs, I got a 740 in English and something hilariously awful like a 430 in math – it’s really not my strong suit
  42. Tobias Sammet is my favorite metal vocalist ever; Peter Steele is a close second
  43. Rounded rectangles are my favorite shape
  44. I love 50’s style designs
  45. I once punched a girl on the school bus. She was a bully and totally deserved it.
  46. I love all things Harry Potter
  47. Stylized drawings of whales make me laugh
  48. I have a class ring. One side says “Meggan” and has a girl doing gymnastics, the other says “GG” and has a guitar player
  49. GG was my nickname in high school
  50. One rarely-used nickname was “GG the busty lawn gnome.” Take from that what you will.
  51. My favorite color is silver
  52. I can play several instruments, including French horn, trumpet, violin, and guitar
  53. I previously owned a 60GB iPod that decided to epically fail me the morning of my wedding. I now have a silver 8GB iPod Nano named Winston
  54. I used to collect foreign stationery
  55. Baby hats or hoods with ears just kill me
  56. I put an inordinate amount of saltines in almost every soup I eat. Exceptions include chicken noodle and ABC soup.
  57. I’m really picky about pens. Some kinds make my handwriting look downright awful.
  58. I have a feeling that photos often make me look better than I do in real life
  59. I have met several Internet friends in person and have not yet been axe-murdered
  60. I’m very stubborn
  61. I used to obsessively paint my nails when I was in middle school – think crazy hand-painted nail art.
  62. I’ve had a secret admirer
  63. I think the female form is beautiful
  64. I type over 75 words per minute
  65. In movie theaters, I throw my garbage away instead of leaving it for the employees to pick up
  66. I’ve never gotten bored of having a website
  67. My favorite number is six. Coincidentally, (or not?) six is a perfect number.
  68. I used to have slippers that looked like baby seals
  69. Before I really knew him, Daniel wrote “I’m sorry you are so short” in my 8th grade yearbook
  70. I dislike pennies. I collect them in a pig-shaped piggy bank because I don’t like to use them
  71. I have entirely given up on knitting – I think you need to enjoy the process of knitting to like it, and I only enjoy the finished product.
  72. The only other country I’ve been to is Canada
  73. Daniel and I considered Iceland for our honeymoon but we ended up going to Victoria, BC. We would still like to visit Iceland someday.
  74. I wish I knew how to accessorize outfits, so I’ve taken to reading fashion blogs on occasion to get ideas.
  75. I want to be the sort of person that hosts dinner parties for friends.
  76. I sign up for all kinds of web apps I will probably never use, just so that I can get “meggan” as my username
  77. Verdana is my favorite font for general use
  78. Gotham by H&FJ is my favorite display font
  79. I once traded fonts with a friend using a 3.5″ floppy disk
  80. At any given time, I probably have three or more containers of lip gloss available to me
  81. I code in XHTML 1.0 Strict
  82. I did like the end of the 7th Harry Potter book, as cheesy as it was.
  83. I cried when Harry said, “Stay close to me.” in the 7th book.
  84. I have good handwriting when I try. I get compliments on it sometimes.
  85. Clothes shopping is often difficult for me, due to my height and skewed proportions.
  86. Everything I have read by Philip Pullman and Jonathan Stroud was awesome
  87. I wholeheartedly prefer silver-colored jewelry over gold
  88. I don’t have a favorite word, but I enjoy “truffle,” “pat,” and “walloped.”
  89. I had an embarrassing experience in the 2nd grade that involved a pink Minnie Mouse lunchbox exploding open in the cafeteria, and I carried my lunchbox differently for years afterward
  90. Both of my great-grandmothers on my mom’s side lived to be over 95 years old
  91. I used to want to be a fashion designer, but that was before I realized that designing cute graphic prints for t-shirts was more graphic design than fashion. And then I got into designing and developing websites.
  92. I like that I have green eyes
  93. I silently hold conversations with myself in mirrors
  94. I try to recycle
  95. My bellybutton used to be pierced, but I don’t have any tattoos, nor do I plan to get any
  96. I’m allergic to several metals, but no foods or medicines
  97. I say “antenna” so it rhymes with Montana and Daniel sometimes pokes fun at me for it
  98. I like calling bumblebees “bumblybees” or “bumblies”
  99. Lots of people on my dad’s side of the family (including my dad and I) are born on the 21st of the month
  100. I usually order iced caramel lattes, iced mochas, or iced chais at coffeeshops