August 19, 2005 2:20 pm

Apartment Ahoy!

:note: Duran Duran – “Hungry Like the Wolf”

We got an apartment! :highfive:

It’s a 1bd for $525 (sounds horrible, I know, but in downtown Portland $525 is CHEAP for a 1bd) and it’s in the same neighborhood as we are now.

new apartment layout

One wall is this interesting reddish-purpley color. Daniel likes it; I’m not crazy about it but it isn’t awful. It’s more or less this color:


The bedroom has these funky little French doors with glass window thingys in place of a normal door. Meaning, each little French door is half the width of a normal sized door. Funky, I know. The kitchen is big and is laid out well. There are pipes visible in the bathroom and the kitchen, but nothing too hideous. We could put christmas lights on them or something. It is carpeted, not hardwood floors, but whatever… That was something I could live without.

We’re holding it for about two weeks and then we’ll start moving in. Hurray!

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  • Callie says:

    WOOOooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! How exciting.

  • Paul says:

    YAAAAY hooray meggan, that sounds like a pretty cool place!

    If you’se guys need any help moving just let me know, I’d be happy to help out (so long as I can move your panty drawer). But seriously congratulations!

  • Woo lady! COngrats! Have fun uh. breaking the place in. hah.

    No I think thats great, and I dont think 525 sounds bad at all, but I lived in chicago so, I dunno. But you guys are going to be so happy! And no more creepy drunk neighbors!

  • Trinity says:

    Congrats on finally finding an apartment! I’m so envious! :D