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June 5, 2008 2:31 pm

Wedding Aftermath

The main thing we never worked out in regards to the “destination” wedding setup was how to get our presents back home to Oregon. We threw out some ideas but nothing seemed easily do-able or appropriate. There was the U-Haul idea, which prompted me to ask, “Is my mother crazy?” since we totally did not get that much stuff; Then there was the idea that either my brother or my parents would make a visit to Portland and drive the gifts over with them, but no concrete plans were made so it never came through.

It’s now been almost two weeks since the wedding and we still do not have any kind of plan for gift transport. My mom is mailing a couple of them to us, along with the thank-you list so we can get started on writing our thank-you cards, but the rest of them (heavy things and large things) are stuck in Idaho.

This would be comical if it wasn’t so disappointing – I want to enjoy those gifts! We got a Swiffer WetJet that I could be using to clean the filth off our hardwood floors! There was a fantastically stylish silver wall clock and sheets and towels and all sorts of other glorious things I could be using but are currently sitting in my parents’ living room. Argh.

The tentative plan is that if nothing else poses itself as a solution, Daniel and I have a wedding to attend in late July and the present transport may dictate our mode of travel. Ideally, we’d take a plane over, but if the presents are still stuck we will probably rent a car and drive over so we can bring the presents back with us.

The other sort of sticky situation is that I will be changing my last name, and at present, I have no earthly idea where my Social Security card is. Last place I remember seeing it was on my computer desk in the apartment we moved out of last June. I haven’t bothered to look for it, I just know that I do not know where it is and normally I do. I need to have it before I can go apply for a revised one. That’s on my list of things to do for this weekend: hunt for tiny paper card.

I would like to get the name change thing done ASAP so it’s over with in one fell swoop. I don’t want things to linger around. If you get emails from me you may notice that I changed my last name on my Google account – do not be alarmed. It is still me, the Meggan with two G’s. I’m trying to get in the habit of using it on any signup forms that ask me for my last name.

The girls at work were amazed that I haven’t practiced my new signature. I’m not sure why I haven’t; it didn’t really occur to me, I guess. I don’t have notebooks scribbled with our names on them or anything. (Side note: Just tried it. Miserable failure. I got the first letter and the rest is a jumbly, unreadable mess. Which is probably fine for a signature, I just don’t like it. I see more practice in my future.)

Also, I have more pictures! I spent ages last night uploading all the ones I missed the first time around, so you can see the table decorations and everyone’s outfits. Here is a set for the wedding prep, and here’s all our honeymoon photos. I didn’t bother messing much with the tags, but I should at least have titles and descriptions for them. Enjoy!


May 30, 2008 8:24 pm

Wedding and Honeymoon

So much has happened in the last two weeks that it’s hard to recap everything. The week leading up to the wedding was mostly uneventful, though jam-packed with wedding preparation to-do lists.

I had a bridal shower with my family on Sunday; dress fitting was on Monday, and everything fit beautifully. The top was actually a little big (we may have overcompensated) so Mom sewed the buttons on about an inch in from where the pattern instructed and we ended up safety-pinning the sides right before the wedding so there was a bit less movement.

Thursday, the wedding party went to a couple bars and had some drinks – I actually just had soda, since I had to drive my mom’s car back home later that evening. On Friday, we went bowling with both families and then had a “rehearsal” dinner (no rehearsing actually occurred) with Daniel’s dad and stepmom. The food was delicious lasagne, catered by Ivano’s since they are such nice people.


I got up super, super early and drove out to my parents’ house to collect all the wedding related items like the dress, decorations, and beverages. We made it to the wedding site at 8am to start setting up and a ton of people helped out – it was great.

The one and only wedding injury happened to me and it was my own fault. I was holding our glass “wish jar” when it started to fall off my lap. I moved to catch it, and instead of catching it, I PUNCHED THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of it with my ring finger. IT HURT SO BAD. I started laughing since it was the only way I could keep from crying, especially since I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and I was already cranky. I ended up bruising the nail a little bit and walked around for a while with my finger in a cup of ice. It’s still tender a week later, but not anywhere near as bad as that day.

During the setup, there was a linen-ironing station, a flower-setup station, a food station, and a music station… which brings me to the one and only crisis of the day.

All of the music for the wedding and reception was on my iPod. I brought my work laptop to run iTunes but the actual music files resided on the iPod and the iPod only, since the music originated off my home computer. I have had my iPod for several years, and the only time it has EVER done anything weird was when I unplugged it improperly and had to restart it. Of course, you will by now have guessed that something went wrong with the iPod, and you would be correct.

If you own an iPod, you know that when it is plugged in, it shows the words “Do not disconnect” plus a flashing red “no” symbol. I picked it up and noticed the no symbol was missing – it wasn’t flashing. I ejected the iPod and plugged it back in, whereupon it came up with the “charging” screen. This usually means the iPod has been run down to the point where it has to charge a bit before you can use it, but I knew for sure it had a full charge. Eject, restart. Daniel’s stepsister Tori held it while it was starting up, checked it out and then said, “I don’t want to freak you out, but… um… there’s… there’s nothing on this iPod.”

I took the iPod back and confirmed that it thought it was empty, and decided that since it often fixes computers, another restart was in order. I held the buttons down and held my breath, but the screen that came up was far from reassuring. I have heard of the iPod screen of death, but did not witness it firsthand until the morning of my iPod-requiring wedding. It is a terrifyingly sad screen, one that struck fear into the very pit of my stomach: A DEAD IPOD WITH X’s FOR EYES AND AN UNHAPPY FACE.

Daniel’s brother Paul has a friend named Justin who is, by all accounts, an iPod wizard. Paul proclaimed, “Be back in 10,” grabbed the iPod and left to find Justin, who performed his iPod wizardry and FIXED MY DEAD IPOD. I have no idea what transpired in those ten minutes Paul was gone with the gadget, but it worked and I owe Justin a giant thank-you card for saving my wedding music.

The wedding itself was beautiful and special and perfect. We got lots of compliments on the flowers, the decorations, and the ceremony itself. Everyone liked that it was very simple but meaningful, and it all just turned out so well. I really have no complaints.

We stayed at Schweitzer Mountain Lodge that night. Daniel’s sister Gretchen snuck up to decorate the room at some point on Saturday, so we were welcomed with rubber duckies (there was a huge jetted tub in the room), champagne, tiny boxes of cereal, string cheese, “smoochers” mints, and loads of other silly things. It was awesome.

The next morning we had a brunch out at my parents house. There was leftover food and dessert from the wedding, and we had mimosas and Daniel and I opened presents. Mom kept sending flowers home with everyone that stopped by.

We left for Victoria, BC on Monday and, as I write this, we will be leaving tomorrow. It’s been lots of fun and yet very relaxing at the same time. Daniel bought me a reflexology foot massage for Tuesday (that was the “don’t make any plans for Tuesday” mystery event, for those in the know) and we’ve been doing a lot of walking and touristy things. We saw the Craigdarroch Castle, Miniature World, the Wax Museum, the Undersea Gardens aquarium, and the new Narnia: Prince Caspian movie. We didn’t make it to Buchart Gardens, and I’m not sure if I’m going to regret it or not; it was kind of a money/time decision, but I figure if we decide we desperately need to go, we can revisit Victoria. It’s been wonderful up here all week and I’d totally come back.

Today was rad, because I finally got to meet Rose! So far, I’m two for two on meeting awesome Internet friends that are not axe-murderers. Yay! We chatted a bit about work and travel and websites at a cute coffeeshop called Habit. Pictures to come shortly, as soon as I can find my camera cord and upload everything to Flickr. So, yes – for those curious, neither Rose nor I are 80-year-old creepy men with a penchant for murder. Also, she’s a very cool girl and I’m glad I got to finally meet her! *waves*

Note to self: I am SO GLAD I do not have TV because I am apparently hopelessly addicted to HGTV. The homes! The renovations! The decorating! I CAN’T LOOK AWAY. It’s horrible. Every waking moment not spent out doing something, I am glued to the home renovation shows. I don’t even own a home. Daniel has been taking this opportunity to watch some basketball games and make fun of me for my HGTV addiction, but I suspect he enjoys it as well.

All in all, this has been a wonderful two weeks and I am so happy that we are finally MARRIED (!!!) and thank you all for your thoughts and well-wishes. It means a lot!


May 17, 2008 3:33 am

T-Minus 7 Days

I fell asleep earlier tonight, at 10-something, and woke up for no good reason at one. After lying in bed for an hour trying to fall asleep but only accomplishing an awful lot of ceiling staring, I got back up.

I feel really, really anxious at the moment, and I think it’s less of the actual wedding stuff and more just being stressed about packing (hoping I don’t forget anything I’ll need for the next two weeks) and handing off my projects at work. I almost felt sick toward the end of the day because I was so anxious about it. There’s still some small, accessory wedding things I would have liked to have done before right now and I’m not sure how to get them done in the next couple of hours.

One of them has been solved for me – I was going to print a bunch of the cute little note cards for our wish bowl, but I had to unplug and restart my computer earlier (we installed an air conditioner and I had to switch power outlets to accommodate it, which I was more than happy to do considering it was above 90°F today) and my printer was freaking out. No problem, I thought, I’ll just troubleshoot and figure out what’s wrong.

No go. Every light on the printer is blinking at me frantically and offering no helpful information at all. The troubleshooter is asking every possible question it can think of, since I keep answering “No, I am still having a problem.”

After the troubleshooter finally suggested I reboot the printer and I tried that and failed, it occurred to me that maybe I should just unplug it for a bit. Ten seconds later, FIXED. It prints a test page. In the dark at 3am it looks fine. I print a test of my PDF. Fail. Everything is blue instead of brown and now I have wasted another two sheets of card stock. I don’t know what its problem is (low on ink?) but I do not want to deal with it. I will just go and bring it somewhere and pay them to print my file even though I bought a whole ream of card stock for this express purpose. ARGH.

I am so convinced I am going to forget my shoes or the rings or something important. We are getting the marriage license there so I don’t have to worry about that yet, except I’m also convinced I’m going to forget to go and get that.

I usually do really well with to-do lists, but in some cases they just overwhelm me because I can see really how much I still have yet to do and then I get option-paralysis and I can’t start anything.

That said, I am so, so excited to be off work for two weeks! Everyone at work was so sweet when I left, giving me hugs and congratulations and making sure I Twitter while I’m gone. I seriously work with the best group of people. I’m excited for the wedding and the honeymoon and the whole experience, and I’m so glad I have my friends and family and you, Internets, to share it with.


May 3, 2008 6:17 pm

Crisis Averted

All is well on the passport front, thank heavens. I signed up for email updates with the website since I was super anxious to know what was going on, and earlier this week I got a notification that said it should get to me on or about May 3rd. Happily, it showed up only a day or so later, and they didn’t even charge me the expedite fee. Huzzah! My passport is now safely nestled in my attractive passport case from TinyMeat and I can stop hyperventilating.

I went ahead and booked a hotel in Victoria, BC, so all is well on that front too. We ended up going with the less expensive place, but splurged on the better room. I figured that was a good compromise. It really was the difference between a $650 hotel stay and a $1300 hotel stay, and I know we will be newlyweds and all, but there is only so much time you can conceivably spend in a hotel room, so I think it’ll be fine.


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April 12, 2008 9:08 pm

Observations And A Wedding Update

Today was the first nice day we’ve seen in Portland in a LONG time. It was over 70 degrees (21° Celsius) and Daniel and I spent the day walking around and shopping. We went to the farmer’s market at Portland State University and got some wonderful cookies from a small stand called Two Tarts Bakery. (If you get cookies from them, I’d recommend the chewy chocolate ones. Unbelievably good.) It was super busy, so we decided to do some shopping downtown.

After people-watching all day, I am continually amazed at how many ladies 1) think leggings are actual pants; 2) think 2″ inseam shorts are flattering to their ample figure; and 3) do not wear the proper size bras.

We ventured into Forever 21 in search of cheap shirts (shhh) and I saw this outrageously dressed girl. The white, cuffed shorts she wore were cute, but easily a size too small for her and as such, they forced her into having muffin-tops. She was spilling out over her shorts, and she was so tiny! I wasn’t aware that was even possible! Her pink t-shirt was more or less normal, if not a bit short, but the black vest she wore over the top was also at least two sizes too small. It cinched and squeezed and shifted awkwardly and… AUGH. I also questioned the odd high-heels she wore, but at least those seemed to fit. I had to wonder if she looked in a mirror before she left the house, because surely upon seeing your ill-fitting shorts, top, and vest, you might decide to rearrange the outfit a bit? I was confused.


In other news, the wedding planning is going splendidly. We finally found a photographer! My mom is making my dress, and it’s probably about 80% done – things like the buttons and trim still need to be added but the general structure is there. Yay! I have earrings, a necklace, my undergarments, a garter, and my shoes, and we have both of our rings. We’re still waiting for our passports to come in the mail, but we applied a couple of weeks ago and the wait time is about four weeks so they should be here soon.

The honeymoon is going to be in Victoria, BC, hence the passports. You don’t need them if you’re driving into Canada, but they are apparently required if you’re going to be flying in. We’ve got our flights booked for the whole trip but we still need to book a hotel room in Victoria. I just can’t decide whether we should attempt to be money-conscious and pick the most inexpensive one we can find that still looks decent, or if we should throw caution to the wind and pick the more expensive one just because it’s our honeymoon and it’s worth it. We will be paying for the honeymoon upfront ourselves, if that makes any difference, but we will probably be helped out by parents (and possibly gifts from guests) later on. Thoughts? Recommendations?


January 3, 2008 2:19 pm

The Giant Wedding Update You Are All Waiting For

If you are not interested in weddings or wedding planning, TURN BACK NOW. I rarely talk about it unless someone else brings it up, so here it all is in one go in case anyone was curious.

The Location

We have one! It is in Sandpoint, ID. because that is where most of our families are. It is theater-like and spacious. I am not crazy about the gold*, but I realize that is the whole decor of the room and I suppose it is elegant after all.


The place is obviously still in progress, but it is getting closer and closer to being done. We met one of the owners and he seemed very nice, and seems committed to making it a lovely place. We will have both the wedding and the reception in this room, so it will take some choreographing to get the switcheroo done.

The ceremony will take place on the stage, probably with the reception tables along the far back wall of the room. Once the ceremony is over, we will exit and chairs and tables will be rearranged (by guests? helpers? gnomes?) and we’ll come back in for the reception.

*This is a lie. I loathe it, actually, but what can you do?

The Dress

My mom will be sewing my dress for me, out of this McCall’s pattern:

The Dress

I think I am going to go with the shorter train, as I’m sure I’ll be tripping over it enough anyway. I will not be going and trying on dresses at a shop, as that sounds like my worst nightmare and a recipe for disaster since I am so difficult to fit.

The Colors

Definitely green. Kind of a springy, sage green. NO FOREST GREEN. Nothing log-cabiny. Brown will be another featured color, and I’m thinking if I need some sort of accent color it will be a tangerine orange.

The Attendants

I am pretty sure the boys will be wearing khaki pants, brown button-up shirts, and possibly green ties. Or maybe just green boutonnières. The ladies will probably have brown dresses and green bouquets, but I have no idea what style of dress might work for everyone.

The Flowers

I recently discovered that the neat little puffball flowers I like are called “Kermits.” They are the ones on the left in this photo:

Birch Decorations

Ideally, we’d have flowers that are green, like those Kermits and maybe Bells of Ireland and the like. Greenery. The birch centerpieces are still a favorite, but I have some other ideas for the tables too and I keep getting persuaded to do other things, so as much as I like them, that one’s still up in the air.

The Reception

It will be very simple, with veggies and dip-type appetizers and coffee and cupcakes. We do not want a big, drawn-out, expensive sit-down dinner. The wedding will be early afternoon, so it’s not really a mealtime anyway. I do not anticipate having alcohol (other than champagne for a toast maybe) but we’ll see. I’m sure I’ll get talked into it somehow.

The Ceremony

No bad poetry. Will probably have pretty traditional vows (’til death do us part, etc.) and maybe some sort of symbolic gesture like lighting candles or pouring two containers of sand into a jar.

The Honeymoon

Undecided. Iceland still sounds fun, but I really doubt we can pull it off right after the wedding. Maybe we’ll take a trip somewhere else for fun right away and do an extended honeymoon later.


Really, as long as we are married by the end of it and no one is dead, it will have been a success. This probably explains why I have not done any concrete planning like making phone calls to caterers or ordering invitations or obtaining passports. In due time, I suppose.

We’re getting married! Squee!


September 19, 2007 9:25 pm

Planning Woes

Thanks for your responses to my last post. I’m always interested in details of other people’s lives, and I’d love to change my own habits if they prove idiotic. We did some apartment-improvement recently and bought our first kitchen table (JOKKMOKK from IKEA) and a matching set of hampers (the hampers match, I mean – they don’t match the table. That would be weird) so we’ve been combining our laundry into “light-ish” and “colors, dark things and jeans” instead of “his” and “hers” and it seems to be going well so far.

We’ve also talked about putting some reversible magnet on the fridge that shows whose turn it is to get groceries. Then there’s no confusion. I figure I can come up with one out of felt and embroider something clever on it.

In other apartment/flat news, you remember the people below us that smoke up a storm, right? The ones whose blinds are all yellow and disgusting? The ones where, when we mentioned their (forbidden) smoking to the move-in inspector, the inspector chuckled and made an “oh, that’s just them” remark and mentioned how they’d lived there for 18-odd years and they’d just have to replace the blinds when they moved out? There was a pink eviction notice taped to our front door today regarding that unit. EVICTION. Now I am curious what they did to deserve that.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to post anything interesting since the place I spend most of my time (work) is the exact thing we all know is a bad idea to write about. Be ye not so stupid and all that. Let me just say that my department seems woefully understaffed for the amount of work coming in and it is not so good for the sanity bit of my brain.

I am also having some valid concerns about that thing we have coming up next year that starts with a W. The planning of it, I mean, not the W itself. In short, I am coming up short on enthusiasm from my immediate family and it is ruffling my feathers. Figuratively speaking. Asking for favors is like pulling teeth and I am becoming increasingly frustrated and worried and hurt.

It is difficult to plan a wedding long-distance. I get that. BUT. This location thing? If that is worked out, I can take care of invitations and catering and so many other things over the phone. I don’t have to be there. My problem is that I can’t order save the date cards unless I know where the goddamn thing is going to be held, you know? I’m just getting the distinct impression that this is more of a total pain in the ass rather than a fun event to be excited about. And that makes me feel bad.

That said, it could be worse. I could be having fears that Daniel is not the person I want to marry (he definitely is) or something else equally as important. I am not having those kind of fears and that is a positive thing. Because honestly? I could get married in a dirt hole for all I care as long as we end up married. And that’s the important bit.


May 22, 2007 9:05 pm

Indulge Me. Please.

I’m trying as hard as I can to not talk about wedding stuff contantly. I think I’m doing a decent job. It’s just that everything I’ve read seems to claim that if you don’t have every single detail taken care of a year in advance, you’re doomed and you won’t have a dress or a cake or a location or a photographer and you’ll die sad and alone. And I find that incredibly sensationalist and idiotic, and I’m trying to strike a good balance between bringing it up at every opportunity and ignoring it, hoping it’ll plan itself.

Did you know that between inviting only immediate family, plus aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, we are already pushing 75 guests? That is a lot of people. I honestly have no idea how big this shindig will end up being. We’d like a small-ish wedding, but one that includes our closest family and friends. I’d really rather not invite those people my parents have known forever but with whom I’m not especially close to, but inevitably they will have invited my parents to their kids’ weddings and I know I’m going to feel obligated. Argh. Will do my best to avoid that.

The one thing neither of us is willing to budge on is having a non-religious ceremony. I am not going to stand in front of hundreds of people and lie to all of them. Not going to do it. I would much rather have a Justice of the Peace officiate the ceremony and be able to be perfectly honest in front of everyone I love. That’s probably hard for some people to deal with (namely my grandparents, who are all good, church-going people), and I know I will catch a lot of flak from my family about it, but I can’t do it. I’m not willing to compromise on that.

As far as other details, for colors I’m thinking a nice, springy green would be just lovely. Actually, I saw these decorations somewhere (can’t for the life of me think of where, but I’m pretty sure it was a wedding website) and I FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM and I think I might insist on having something like this:

Birch Decorations

They’re just so… fresh! And natural! I love that the two middle ones look suspiciously like broccoli. Hee. I figure by going this route, we’ll probably save money on flowers too – how expensive can broccoli be? Just kidding. But I do think these sorts of foliage would be cheaper than importing some rare, exotic orchid from Hawaii. Also? My family is incredibly handy and I am sure they have a birch tree lying about the place somewhere that we could repurpose for decorations.

Are books helpful in planning weddings? I am feeling a bit lost at the moment. I don’t have opinions about much of anything yet, especially anything involving dresses. I just know that I don’t want something skanky or partially see-through (YES I HAVE SEEN THEM and they are BAD) and I don’t understand why all dresses are strapless. I love strapless dresses, personally, and I think they look very nice, but I am afraid I will look like I am made entirely of boobs and also? Can you imagine trying to find a dress that will fit me? I nearly have nightmares about it. My mom made her own wedding dress and I am seriously considering having her make mine as well just to avoid the horrors of trying on mass-produced dresses that will inevitably be three feet too long.

GAH. Thank you for indulging me. I haven’t really talked to anybody about my plans because 1) I don’t want to be THAT GIRL who thinks everyone is just dying to hear about her wedding plans when really, no one is; and 2) I feel pretentious. Of course, I also feel pretentious saying “fiancé” so there you have it. I never said I wasn’t weird.