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May 25, 2010 9:47 pm



Wesley had his two-month well baby checkup today! Here are his stats:

  • 12lbs 8oz – 75th percentile
  • 24″ long – 85th percentile
  • 39cm head circumference – 28th percentile

Daniel helpfully pointed out that Wesley is already 40% of my height. In short, we have a tall, fat baby with a small head. And we love him dearly.

He also got his vaccinations today and I feel terrible for him, poor little munchkin. He got two shots in one leg, one shot in the other, and had an oral dose of one as well. He’s been making the most pitiful little noises all evening and crying anytime you shift his position.


I’m hoping he feels better soon.


Daniel and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on Monday. I can’t believe it’s been almost NINE YEARS we’ve been together. That’s practically a third of my lifetime!

We went out to dinner at a new restaurant called Irving Street Kitchen and really enjoyed it. The owner (and many of the employees) come into the coffeeshop where Daniel works, and as part of the restaurant’s opening, the owner invited the baristas to enjoy a dinner on him. It was delicious! I started with the biscuits and ham appetizer and had the Chinook salmon for my entree. Daniel had the Bibb lettuce salad and then the vegetable ragout. I got chocolate cake for dessert and Daniel had rhubarb cobbler that came with corn johnnycakes and strawberry ice cream. YUM.

(Wesley came with us and actually slept through most of dinner. I gave him a bottle of breastmilk toward the end, but I don’t think it agreed with him and he spit up several times during the rest of the evening. I went to change his diaper before dessert, but once I entered the restroom I realized there was no changing table. So did what I could and changed him on the floor of the large stall (on a changing pad) where he spit up and then peed on his feet. And spit up again when I was washing my hands. Sad. He was kind of a mess by the time we left. Content, but a mess.)

The people at the restaurant were happy to see us and we really did have a great time. The aesthetic in there is super cool – lots of wood and neat lighting. Go visit!

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June 11, 2009 9:55 am

nienie: Love

As you may or may not know, a blogger named Stephanie Nielson and her husband survived a terrible plane crash several months ago. She has been writing about her recovery and I stumbled across this post today, written about her husband.

She has a lovely, almost poetic stream-of-consciousness style of writing. I may not be in step with her religious values but I think that’s immaterial here; this is one of the best descriptions of all-encompassing love for one’s husband that I have ever read.

Love, by nienie


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May 29, 2009 12:37 pm

One Year

Reception Yes, yes, it’s true: our first wedding anniversary was on Sunday, May 24th! I really can’t believe it’s been a year already. It has gone by so fast!

I didn’t post about it the day of because we were in Newport, Oregon, hanging out on the (not-so-warm, very windy) beach and watching copious amounts of HGTV and I was coming down with a cold, but I wanted to commemorate the event here.

We stayed in this funny little Bed & Breakfast in Nye Beach that Daniel secretly picked out because it had a turret room! I love turrets and always wanted my bedroom to be one when I was younger, so it was a super-sweet idea. The lady who ran the B&B was a little nutty and once we got in the room, we realized that even though there was a bathtub, there wasn’t a shower, which would have been fine except the lady had mentioned the bathtub faucet was weird and kind of broken. So… we sponge bathed and washed our hair in the sink! HAHAHA. Oh man. I’m of the opinion that if something sucks, at least it makes for a good story. Hee.

The tub was this hilarious mauvey-purple color with forest green tiles and there were dragon stencils on the wall. I SO WISH I had remembered to take photos of the bathroom because it was hilarious. Daniel felt bad that the room wasn’t 100% awesome but I got a kick out of it anyway and loved the turret.

We visited the beach but didn’t find any awesome shells or jellyfish or anything. We also checked out the Yaquina Head Lighthouse (super windy) and saw some pelicans, and ended up going to see Angels & Demons at the local movie theater. (I could dedicate a whole post to how I thought the movie was great right up until the “Fire” scene where it all went downhill in a non-canonical fiery blaze, but I will resist.)

I came down with a cold on Sunday and Daniel succumbed a few days later, so we are still trying to recover. (Doesn’t that always happen when you go on vacation? Ugh. I think your body finally gives out once you relax and all the germs get invited in.) That said, overall we had a very good time.

Here’s to many more years of giggling about stylistically inappropriate dragon stencils!


November 24, 2008 4:55 pm

Six Months

It’s so hard to believe that six months have already passed – it really does feel like just yesterday we were on stage, exchanging our vows.

Bride and Groom

We’re not exchanging gifts or anything, but we are going out to a nice dinner with a gift certificate I received as a bridal shower present. (Yes, way back in April!) It’s a restaurant that specializes in local food and it’s very popular – the menu for this week looks delicious, so I’m definitely excited.

I also wanted to give a shout-out to my online buddies Melissa and Bubs, two lovely girls who have gotten engaged recently. You have so much to look forward to – married life is awesome! Best wishes to you and your fianc├ęs, and remember that the wedding is just one day in the grand scheme of your life and your marriage. It’ll help you keep your sanity in check. ^^


June 5, 2008 2:31 pm

Wedding Aftermath

The main thing we never worked out in regards to the “destination” wedding setup was how to get our presents back home to Oregon. We threw out some ideas but nothing seemed easily do-able or appropriate. There was the U-Haul idea, which prompted me to ask, “Is my mother crazy?” since we totally did not get that much stuff; Then there was the idea that either my brother or my parents would make a visit to Portland and drive the gifts over with them, but no concrete plans were made so it never came through.

It’s now been almost two weeks since the wedding and we still do not have any kind of plan for gift transport. My mom is mailing a couple of them to us, along with the thank-you list so we can get started on writing our thank-you cards, but the rest of them (heavy things and large things) are stuck in Idaho.

This would be comical if it wasn’t so disappointing – I want to enjoy those gifts! We got a Swiffer WetJet that I could be using to clean the filth off our hardwood floors! There was a fantastically stylish silver wall clock and sheets and towels and all sorts of other glorious things I could be using but are currently sitting in my parents’ living room. Argh.

The tentative plan is that if nothing else poses itself as a solution, Daniel and I have a wedding to attend in late July and the present transport may dictate our mode of travel. Ideally, we’d take a plane over, but if the presents are still stuck we will probably rent a car and drive over so we can bring the presents back with us.

The other sort of sticky situation is that I will be changing my last name, and at present, I have no earthly idea where my Social Security card is. Last place I remember seeing it was on my computer desk in the apartment we moved out of last June. I haven’t bothered to look for it, I just know that I do not know where it is and normally I do. I need to have it before I can go apply for a revised one. That’s on my list of things to do for this weekend: hunt for tiny paper card.

I would like to get the name change thing done ASAP so it’s over with in one fell swoop. I don’t want things to linger around. If you get emails from me you may notice that I changed my last name on my Google account – do not be alarmed. It is still me, the Meggan with two G’s. I’m trying to get in the habit of using it on any signup forms that ask me for my last name.

The girls at work were amazed that I haven’t practiced my new signature. I’m not sure why I haven’t; it didn’t really occur to me, I guess. I don’t have notebooks scribbled with our names on them or anything. (Side note: Just tried it. Miserable failure. I got the first letter and the rest is a jumbly, unreadable mess. Which is probably fine for a signature, I just don’t like it. I see more practice in my future.)

Also, I have more pictures! I spent ages last night uploading all the ones I missed the first time around, so you can see the table decorations and everyone’s outfits. Here is a set for the wedding prep, and here’s all our honeymoon photos. I didn’t bother messing much with the tags, but I should at least have titles and descriptions for them. Enjoy!