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November 27, 2013 6:25 pm


One of Daniel’s co-workers took my advice to start reading The Name of the Wind, and he TOTALLY LOVED IT. He sped through it and then waited for days to borrow The Wise Man’s Fear from us so he could keep going.

He said he was going to spend all of Thanksgiving reading it. I am so pleased! It really seemed like something he’d enjoy so I’m glad it worked out.

Imagine me running my hands together and cackling – another convert to the Kingkiller fandom!

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November 24, 2013 11:35 pm


Our friends host a Thanksgiving dinner every year, and this year we volunteered to bring stuffing and a pumpkin pie.

Mostly I volunteered the stuffing because I love boxed stuffing mix! Everybody tries to get all fancy with celery and whatnot and I’m just not into it.

Our pumpkin pie recipe is actually vegan, but if I say that then it sounds weird. The main difference is that instead of using eggs as the base, it uses silken tofu. I’ve served it to my very meat-and-potatoes family before and they totally couldn’t tell it was made from tofu – it’s really good.

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December 15, 2010 9:30 am

The Quilting Bee

There are so many nice things I could say about The Quilting Bee, but this holiday season I want to highlight just one:

Holiday Cards

I’m at an age where I know practically nobody aside from my cousins that sends out holiday cards. And I LOVE receiving cards! Every year on the Qbee forum, a Qbee member organizes a very informal card swap where we all exchange addresses and send our cards and then you sit back and watch the greetings roll in.

Sometimes people include stickers, or a sweet note, or maybe they just took special care in picking out the card. The exchange is open to members in all countries, and it is SO COOL to get an envelope from The Netherlands or Norway!

The holiday card swap isn’t the only great thing about the Qbee, but it’s the one I think about the most during the Christmas season. It makes the holidays that much more enjoyable, and I look forward to it every year!

If you want to learn more about The Quilting Bee or why you might want to join, check it out!

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November 25, 2010 12:52 pm


After some coffeeshop-related Thanksgiving adventures this morning – in which I drove to two (TWO!) different locations to say hi to treasured friends – I returned home to park the car. Wesley had fallen asleep in the backseat, and since he is basically too heavy for me to carry in the carseat, I was looking for a parking spot as close to the front of our apartment as I could get.

As I got nearer to our building, I found one! It was on the other side of the street, so I had to turn around. As I was backing up to get even with the car in front of me, someone in a big SUV turned onto our block and zoomed into the spot I was going to park in.

I sat there.

I glared.

I may have said some bad words.

Fine, I thought. I will find the next closest spot. It was all the way down the block (as opposed to being right in front of our steps), but I found one. I was able to just nose in instead of having to parallel park. Wesley was still sleeping.

I got him out of the car, put on my coat, grabbed my bag and my iced chai, and set off down the block. It was slow going; I had my bag on one shoulder and my chai in that hand, and was holding the carseat by the handle and balancing the bulk of it on my hip and shuffling down the sidewalk one step at a time.

I passed the parking spot stealers (a middle-aged lady and what looked to be her elderly mother) and thought how stupid it was that they stole my close spot and had to walk all the way down to where I parked, and I had to walk all the way up the block to get home, when we could have just switched spots and each been closer to our destination.

I made it to our front door and thought, you know? At least I have a car. At least I am able to park it somewhere.

I was thankful that Wesley was (and is) still napping. (And made it up the front steps, in the building, and up a flight of stairs to our apartment without waking up!)

I was thankful we had a heated apartment to come home to.

I was thankful we had friends to see this morning and that Daniel has a job where we are welcome to stop by and visit.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I’m thankful for you, too.


December 10, 2009 6:50 pm

22 weeks

This post has next to nothing to do with babies or pregnancy but gets progressively more exciting as you read on. I promise.

Apropos of nothing: Law & Order SVU, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Netflix has recently added a bunch of Law & Order episodes to the Instant Play option and I have watched SO MANY EPISODES this week. I love watching and reading crime stuff like that.

Also: Law & Order is SO much better than CSI. I always think that I like CSI but every time I watch an episode I am never sure whether it is a joke or not because the whole show is so CHEESY. Bad puns! Over-the-top dramatic acting! Totally absurd plot twists that Daniel mockingly suggests to me, only to have THAT VERY THING happen in the next scene!

(You will recall that while we have a television, we do not have television, like channels or cable. We use the TV for the Xbox/other video game consoles and DVD watching. I therefore miss out on all current television and catch up months or years down the line when it becomes available on Netflix.)

I got all my Christmas shopping done.

My tactic: Shopping Black Friday exclusively online, from the comfort of my own home. I make a spreadsheet for what I’m planning on getting and where (including links where necessary) and have at it. I’ve done this a few years in a row now and let me tell you, it’s SO NICE to be done by early December. No stress.

I injured myself finishing my Christmas shopping.

Even though my shopping tactic is lovely and effective, Daniel and I had two people we still needed to buy for last Saturday, so we set off downtown. WHY I thought it would be a good idea to walk all over kingdom come for hours and hours I have NO IDEA, but by the time we got home I could barely move. My pelvis felt so bad and hurty and my back felt bad and hurty and UGH. I tried sitting. I tried laying down. I tried laying on the floor. Everything hurt. I felt a little better on Sunday, but still definitely painful.

I got a pedicure!

And I think it improved my pelvic pain. It sounds hilariously weird but hear me out. Kerri and I went to get a pedicure at our usual place. The chairs they have are the silly massage kind with the attached remote control. I turned my chair on and immediately noticed these butt-squeezy massage things that I swear I have never experienced the other couple of times I’ve gotten a pedicure there. It squished your buns from the sides and then this sort of panel came up between your cheeks, kind of like a bike seat.

It was the WEIRDEST EVER and I kept giggling to Kerri about it, because seriously? A buttcheek massage? I don’t know. And then I wanted my chair to stop being so recliney because I wasn’t even touching the back of the seat, so I pressed the “forward” button but it went REALLY far forward and I almost couldn’t see Kerri anymore over the side of my chair. More giggling. I couldn’t get it to go back down! Plus, it was so jiggly that I finally had to turn it off because the pedicure girl kept telling me to stop moving. Whoops!

All this to say that we did that on Sunday and so far this week my hips/pelvis have felt very much improved. I am not cured, obviously, as I am still pregnant and achey but oh man, the difference is great. Pedicure chair FTW. Now all I need is a massage.

22 Weeks:

20-22 Week Comparison

I bought a car!

YES. Okay, so. For the six years we have lived in Portland, Daniel and I have not owned a car. Our neighborhood really doesn’t require one to get around, so it hasn’t been a big deal. We have a Zipcar membership and there are buses all over the place and we’ve survived so far.

Thing is, with this whole business of adding a new member to our family, I have begun to get nervous about things. Things like how we get to doctor’s appointments with a brand-new baby. Or things like, what if my water breaks and I need to go to the hospital to deliver? We hadn’t really thought of a plan yet when I received an email from Kerri.

It turns out that Kerri’s parents are lovely people and are giving her a car for Christmas. Since she does not need two vehicles for one person with one parking spot, she generously offered to sell her current car to Daniel and I, for a very reasonable price. Big heart.

We weren’t really looking into buying a car, exactly, but the opportunity came up and I am pretty sure I’d be an idiot not to take her up on it. The official switcheroo should happen sometime in the next couple of weeks or so – we are both visiting home for the holidays so we are still working out the timing, but I am so excited. I don’t have the faintest idea how to own a car in Portland but I am just so glad we have a Plan A that doesn’t involve calling up random people at 3:30am with requests for rides to the hospital.


July 16, 2009 12:18 pm

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

Yes, I went to the midnight release!

Me and a group of friends met at the coffeeshop beforehand and then drove down to the theater. We were there two and a half hours early, which went by REALLY REALLY SLOWLY. We talked about people’s outfits (there were a couple great Dumbledores in attendance), some people went back out for food, we shared book recommendations and twitter handles.

Finally, it was time for the movie! Here’s what I thought:

Massive spoilers ahead if any of you haven’t seen it yet… (more…)


June 18, 2009 8:25 pm

Things making me happy today

  • Scene: Yesterday evening. I am in the kitchen talking to Daniel. I happen to be wearing gray jammie-pants, dark gray tee, and his light gray sweatshirt.
    Daniel: You are awfully monochromatic.
    Me: Oh, ha, I–
    Daniel: “By the power of GREYSCALE!”
  • Our friends’ save-the-date that came in the mail today:
    Brian & Manda
  • Impromptu crafts, especially ones that involve Harry Potter:
    (This is one of several. I don’t want to share them all just yet!)
  • My birthday coming up on Sunday. Woo! I will be 24. And yes, my birthday this year IS Harry Potter themed, hence the crafts I am so spectacularly excited about. And the pumpkin pasties (as in, “Two pumpkin pasties please!” -Cho Chang) Daniel is currently making, and the butterbeer recipe I perfected yesterday.
  • Our lovely visit with Daniel’s mom and sister this past weekend, wherein we ate a lot of wonderful food, celebrated Gretchen’s 30th birthday, had dinner for Kerri’s birthday, and generally had a very good time. Daniel’s mom brought our Christmas present with her, which was a hand-painted basket (she’s a basketmaker) painted with coffee! Rad!
    Coffee Basket

Now, back to cleaning the apartment. I don’t usually think of myself as a very messy person, but YOW does the living room get filled with junk when I am not looking. Sweatshirts everywhere, half-finished craft projects all over, and piles of things waiting to be sorted…


March 26, 2009 1:15 pm

Meet my new bike!


It was brought to my attention on Sunday morning that I might need a bike. I do, after all, live in Portland – land of bike-friendliness; Daniel recently acquired a bike; and nearly all of my close friends have and use bikes as a primary mode of transportation.

We had visited Little Red Bike with several of these friends and I realized that the only reason we used our Zipcar account that morning was because I was the only person in our whole group of friends who did not have a bike to ride. Sad! Even Daniel could have ridden there but I would have been left at home all alone.

I halfheartedly checked Craigslist for something that seemed appropriate, but as you well know, I am very, very short. My chances of finding a women’s bike (not a little girl’s bike) that was my size for a decent price were extremely small, and I really didn’t expect to get this lucky this quickly.

The headline said something about it being a “bike for shorties” so I figured, what the heck, I’ll call. After I made the call and agreed to met Mr. Bike Seller after work to check out his wares, I realized with horror that I:

  • Know absolutely nothing about the prices of bikes, bike sizing, or really anything about bikes at all other than that they have wheels and make you go;
  • Had just agreed to meet a male stranger on the East side of Portland in an unfamiliar neighborhood to me;
  • Would be by myself. The whole time. And I might end up with a bike afterward that I wouldn’t really know how to get home since I didn’t know where I was and I would probably have to take it on a bus and HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO PUT A BIKE ON THE FRONT OF A BUS?

I called Daniel in a panic.

“Hi I know you are at work but I just called about a bike and could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask any of your bike-type friends if they would be willing to come with me to check this thing out? I know nothing about bikes! WHAT AM I DOING?”

Daniel managed to recruit Tim, who is a lovely person with a (un?)healthy interest in bikes and I am so very, very grateful he came with me and told me what to look for. He even helped me put my bike on the front of the bus! WIN!

Meggan’s new Centurion, by Tim:


January 7, 2009 9:51 pm

Ready For The Mountain

Thanks to my friend Todd, my board and I are ready for the mountain! I am not sure if I officially mentioned it here or not (other than in my 2009 goals entry), but I decided to go snowboarding with several of my co-workers this winter.

I own my own board, boots, and bindings, which is why I agreed to go in the first place. However, it turns out that large advancements have been made in boot-making during the seven or eight years it’s been since I last snowboarded, and it would have been lame and uncomfortable of me to use my very old, very sad boots. Who knew? So I found boots on sale. They’re Burtons, black with purple accents.

Then… it started to become clear that the bindings currently attached to my board, courtesy of my younger brother(s), were not going to cut it. They were the “clicker” sort, which my boots were not compatible with, they were old, and they were the wrong size. Dang. So I found bindings on sale. They’re white with gray-ish green and silver accents.

My board is this hilariously small thing, bright navy blue with a bright yellow bottom. I joke that it’s a kindergartener’s board, since it’s so small and primary-colored. It appears to be just the right size for me so I’m not complaining too much – I got it used about ten years ago.

I’m self-taught and I ride goofy-foot. I can’t carve to save my life, so if it looks like I need to carve, I swoosh my board around so I end up riding regular-foot. Then I swoosh it back. Sidewinding back and forth like that seems weird when I explain it, but it was much easier for me than learning to carve because I stay heel-side the whole time instead of moving forward onto my toes.

Wish me luck this season! I hope to start going up this weekend. Woo!


December 15, 2008 10:42 am

The Quilting Bee

Several years ago, around this same time in December, Jem posted something about The Quilting Bee on her website. I was intrigued, since I had seen a bunch of people with links to their Qbee quilts on their site, but I figured I wouldn’t have enough time to be a part of another club with mandatory activities.

What I gathered from that post was:

  • It’s okay if you don’t have a lot of time. As long as you keep up with your trades, you aren’t required to participate in the activities.
  • That said, the activities are actually really fun and they don’t take a whole lot of effort.
  • It’s okay if you aren’t the best at pixelling. You will learn! Lots of members started out pretty crap at first but they practiced (activities are a great way to practice!) and got better. Besides, the club is more about friendship and fun than it is about the artwork.

Jem convinced me with that post and now I have been a Qbee member for three years. I still don’t participate in every activity, but the major holiday activities are the ones I prioritize and make time for.

This holiday season, we are exchanging Christmas cards! I made cards for my Qbee neighbors and have received cards from some of my other Qbee pals. There is also an ornament hunt! Last year’s activity ornaments have been hidden across the entire website and it’s up to us to find them. Supposedly there are 54 and I’ve accumulated a paltry nine, but I will keep plugging away in my free time to see if I can find some more.

Through the Qbee, I’ve made some more Internet friends and it’s been just lovely. If you can commit to about 30 minutes per month to trade with other members and do a bit of upkeep, you are golden. It takes a weensy bit of setup up front (installing Bubs’s MyQuilt Admin, for instance) but overall it has been very manageable.

If you’re interested but want more info, feel free to comment and I’ll answer your questions!

(Today is “Post About The Quilting Bee Day” so if you see a bunch of these around the intarwebs, that’s why. ;) )


July 25, 2008 2:32 pm

Meagan and Jake

Tomorrow, two of our good friends are getting married.

Aren’t they just the cutest? I can’t wait!


May 3, 2008 6:17 pm

Crisis Averted

All is well on the passport front, thank heavens. I signed up for email updates with the website since I was super anxious to know what was going on, and earlier this week I got a notification that said it should get to me on or about May 3rd. Happily, it showed up only a day or so later, and they didn’t even charge me the expedite fee. Huzzah! My passport is now safely nestled in my attractive passport case from TinyMeat and I can stop hyperventilating.

I went ahead and booked a hotel in Victoria, BC, so all is well on that front too. We ended up going with the less expensive place, but splurged on the better room. I figured that was a good compromise. It really was the difference between a $650 hotel stay and a $1300 hotel stay, and I know we will be newlyweds and all, but there is only so much time you can conceivably spend in a hotel room, so I think it’ll be fine.


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December 1, 2007 11:24 pm

That pink tree is awful.

A few weeks ago, I suddenly became convinced that Christmas shopping was really important and I started planning out what I was going to get everyone. I am pretty sure Daniel thought I went a bit crazy, but I really think gift-giving is fun and I like finding things people will appreciate.

I got a bunch of stuff on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving here in the U.S. – for some reason it’s a huge shopping day) BUT! I did not leave the house at all because I didn’t want to get swarmed by mobs of people trying to get their holiday savings. Instead I shopped online and got a TON of stuff taken care of ahead of time. Yay me! The only glitch has been that I accidentally typed a “2” where I wanted a “1” and now I have more than one of the same present for someone, and as it turns out, it will actually cost me money to return it to Amazon (the error was my fault so I have to pay for shipping) and now I don’t know what to do with it.

I have also been intermittently making crafty things for presents. That’s the one sucky thing about handmade gifts – I can’t very well post them online because then the giftees will see them ahead of time. I even made a Christmas tree ornament today, after reading about them in the latest Blueprint magazine. You’ll recall my pathetically cute avocado tree, yes? I’m thinking it will probably be our Christmas tree this year. Once I get more than one ornament on it I will take a photo and we can all laugh about how it has grown. It filled out a bit up top so it’s less stupid looking, and we transplanted it into a hip IKEA flowerpot so it is not a victim of a cheap plastic living space any longer. It is still mostly a stick with leaves but it has more leaves now.

Now that NaBloPoMo is over, can I say something vile and snarky about it? I applaud everyone’s efforts and this is not a comment about you as a person, but I am not impressed. At all. I spent a couple of years posting every day (or nearly that) so I know it can be done. I started thinking that since my posting habits have absolutely fallen through the floor lately that maybe it would be pretty hard for me to have done NaBloPoMo at this point in my life, and then I thought, WHAT? You honestly just have to make sure to have computer access every day and you are golden. I used to have some anxiety about posting every day, as though I had all these fans that were just clamoring for my every word. This was not the case. This is still not the case. Lots of my posts back then were totally asinine and I’m embarrassed for having written them, but I just got it into my head that I “needed” to post every day since I had a blog and I got my knickers in a twist if I couldn’t get to my website in time so I posted whatever came to mind.

Everyone hates it when people apologize for having not posted in a long time, and I can see how that’s obnoxious. I honestly really don’t know how I’ve gotten into the habit of neglecting my website, except that I seem to have decided that posting super often is just less crucial. I have made a couple new friends recently, and I’ve been keeping busy at work and crafting things at home and managing to post every small thought I have so I’ve got something up daily is apparently no longer a priority. Part of my problem is that I’m reluctant to post things that I haven’t thought through, so if I can’t come up with some coherent thoughts on a topic I don’t post it, where in the past I would have. Like the bubble-gum pink tree on the front of the Blueprint magazine, for instance – HATE. Burning, fiery hatred. But that’s really all I have to say about the matter so it gets left out.

I’d love to get into some kind of predictable habit, like maybe every third day or every other day. Something semi-regular so you know when to check back and you don’t get faced with the same stupid post title day after day (that irritates me to no end on other people’s sites yet I do it to my own readers all the time. How lame of me.) if you are the sort of person that does not use feed readers. I’m finding that I’m doing all right with keeping up on Twitter and once I eventually do a redesign of this site I’m planning on having a space for my Twitter updates.

My workplace moved offices on Friday and all of us helped out, so every muscle in my body is on fire and I have bruises all over my legs from hauling boxes. Our new space is super rad though – it has exposed brick walls in some spots and hardwood floors all around. It’s very hip. Some of us also came in this morning (yes, on a Saturday) to finish some stuff up. Hoping I get lots of brownie points for that.

I bought two really embarrassing Christmas music albums lately – the first, as documented by the wonderful Kerri Anne, was by Julie Andrews of Mary Poppins and Sound of Music fame. The second was “Merry Christmas from the Beach Boys.” So far, I vastly prefer the Beach Boys, but then again, that one is on CD and Julie Andrews is on vinyl and there is just something about vinyl that sounds nice.

I have also read several books, most notably “The Poisonwood Bible,” and LET ME TELL YOU, I did not think I was going to like it at first, but I had DREAMS about the characters. The premise of the novel is that a family of six moves to the Congo as missionaries. The characters include the father, who is a pastor and terribly hard-headed, the mother, who attempts to be the perfect wife while facing incredible hardships in their living situation; Rachel, the oldest daughter and the typical 1950s teenager, Leah and Adah, twins who could not be more different, and Ruth May, the 5-year-old baby of the family. The narrative switches between all five girls who tell the story in their own words and it is positively captivating.

I do have more to say (remind me to tell you about my holiday dress!) but in the interest of good sleep habits and your personal free time, I will stop here. Until next time!


November 14, 2007 8:12 pm

Ding, Dong, The Witch (Spider) is Dead!

Daniel just came home and told me that his co-worker Matt gave him a ride home and…



He held the lamp aside, grabbed a phone book that was laying on the stairs, and SKOOSHED it! (Apparently, he is tall.)

If you need me, I’m going to be composing a heartfelt thank-you card to our wonderful, spider-killing friend.


October 26, 2007 8:41 pm

Keeping Up Appearances

This last week has been totally insane for me, in the sense that I have not gone to bed before midnight since last Saturday and I am out of bed by 6:45am on most days. I deal all right with lack of sleep, but I’m finding I get to a point where I do not deal well with chronic lack of sleep, and that has been my life for the past week.

Last Saturday was the roller derby finals (Our team won! They went undefeated the entire season!) and then dinner with Paul’s parents. Sunday was the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze out on Sauvie Island. I think I have photos but they are still hidden somewhere on my camera and I can’t be bothered to figure that out at the moment. Not sure what the deal with Monday was, but I was up late, and then Tuesday I stayed up attempting to get re-caught up with my Qbee activity trades and other websitey things. Wednesday was the first pumpkin carving with Callie and Paul (as is our tradition) and Thursday was pumpkin carving with Tom, Carrie, Brian, and Brian’s lady friend. I actually nodded off in their living room at one point and nobody knew where I went. I mean, really, it was either that or passing out on their kitchen floor blocking a doorway because I was THAT. TIRED. Daniel rented a movie tonight (Premonition – it looked good and I am surprised he picked it out himself) that we are sort of planning to watch, but I am trying to sleep as much as humanly possible tonight since tomorrow is Saturday Morning Coffee With Friends with a Halloween party later on.

I have so much I want to say about all of these events but due to lack of sleep and poor memory I’m going to condense it into short, summarized sentences. I’m sure I’ll accidentally leave out a bunch of it but I want to remember that something happened.

The games were actually really well matched this time so the whole thing was super exciting. Ate calamari afterward.

Lots of pumpkins were squishy and dead. Corn maze was ridiculously muddy. Spent an hour that night washing mud off of shoes. Found two good pumpkins each.

Honestly, I do not really even remember Monday happening. It must have though, I guess.

Skipped bowling night to work on website. Have new design in mind. Probably will not build it for some time yet.

Supah fun. Callie was pretty sick later on in the night (get better soon!) and I gave her some chicken noodle soup. Paul’s pumpkin was ridiculously amazing. My pumpkin was stupidly thick and difficult to see any light through. Paul helped thin it out.
The crew
Glowing! Demon Fetus WooOOooO Portafilter

Made several pumpkin sketches and then decided to wing it. Nearly fell asleep on floor. Did fall asleep in living room. Ate too much dessert, and should probably get Tom’s pumpkin cake recipe from him. Brian’s lady friend made an awesomely scary pumpkin that I forgot to photograph.
Pure evil. Pentagram

Exhausted after a long (long!) day at work with the prospect of having to work over the weekend to finish it all.

Eventually here I will post the photos from the pumpkin patch, but for now, have a good weekend!