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May 4, 2012 2:44 pm


Some backstory, since I’ve only posted about this on Twitter: I got a part-time job! I will be working Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays doing web development for a local company. Wesley will be in daycare Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for the month of May so I can work on a fast-paced freelance job on my days off from the new part-time job, and then the plan is to drop him down to just Wednesdays at daycare once that project is completed.

My heart hurts today. It’s day three of daycare for Wesley, and this morning’s dropoff was horrible. He’s normally really easy-going and happy to play with toys and other babies, and we tried to talk it up to him beforehand (“You get to play with babies all day!”) but dropoffs got progressively worse this week, culminating in this morning whereby the teacher had to hold him on her lap while he scream-cried for me as I tried to back out the door.

I got in the car and cried.

I’ve felt so, so guilty and awful and on the verge of tears all day today. He’s fine, I know he’s fine, but it’s still so hard to leave him. He’s never really been… sentient? when I’ve had to use daycare in the past. Now he understands that Daddy goes to work (AKA The Place With The Muffins) and Mommy stays home with Wecky, and this new “Mommy work” with “pooters” (computers) means he doesn’t see either of his parents all day and he is not pleased.

I thought in some ways it’d be easier now that he’s older and not a helpless infant, but in many ways I am realizing it is FAR WORSE.

Day one, he started bawling “MOMMY DADDY! MOMMY DADDY!” when I picked him up, and it took several minutes to calm him down and reassure him that Mommy and Daddy didn’t leave forever, and Mommy was taking him home so we’d be there when Daddy got home. Day two, when I came to get him he was snotty and covered in tears and they said he did great up until the last ten-ish minutes, when several parents started showing up and he was looking around for his mommy and daddy and didn’t see them.


Plus, he doesn’t seem to nap very well there (maybe an hour, vs the two+ we get at home) so he comes home super cranky. They also don’t have daily sheets like I thought they would, the ones that say what he ate and when he napped and for how long. So when I get him in the afternoons, I do not have the faintest idea what he did all day and since he can’t talk super well, I can’t ask him what he did either. It just makes things that much harder than they need to be.


In addition to this, my paternal grandma passed away on Wednesday night, at the age of 87. She’s the one who taught me embroidery when I was ten, and always encouraged my craft projects. I have extremely fond memories of being ten or eleven years old, eating homemade bread with butter and jam at her kitchen table, while talking to her about life.

She always tried to get me to be less messy, telling me “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” She was the sort of lady who had her Christmas shopping finished in July, and never sent her Christmas cards out later than the first week of December. She handmade all of her grandchildren a Christmas ornament every year, so when we moved out and began our own lives, we’d have a whole collection of our own ornaments to use on our tree. She loved owls and hummingbirds.

This has been a hard week.


February 3, 2011 8:25 pm

The Incident Report

A week ago, poor Mister Wesley had his first incident report at daycare. It reads as follows:

Wesley was cruising along the wall. He fell when transferring from table to crib. He smacked the right side of his face on the white floor. I put ice on it and gave him extra loves. He returned to playing.

Daniel picked him up later that afternoon and then came to get me at work, and when he told me I was like OMG MY POOR BABY!!! He had a small bruise on his cheek, but was otherwise fine.

The bruise is finally gone now, but man! I guess he totally biffed it and didn’t even put his hands out to catch himself – he’s still learning how to fall gracefully. He just kind of… lets go of things, and hopes something will break his fall.

In other news, he finally learned how to crawl! It’s still not a typical both-knees-both-hands crawl, but he can go FAST when he wants to!

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January 12, 2011 9:26 am

Food at Daycare

What Wesley eats at daycare is one area in which I am continually annoyed, baffled, or unsure.

He was exclusively breastfed until six months, at which point we started giving him some of whatever we were eating. He seemed to hate everything except pears, so we didn’t push the issue.

Then a couple of the girls at daycare got pushy with us about starting him on rice cereal, and even though we had tried it at home in a last-ditch effort to find something he might like and he HATED it, I gave them the go-ahead to try some to see if he would eat anything for them.

They agreed that he hated it, and since then I’ve mentioned a few times that they could give up on the cereal because he hated it, but they still try some every day. Which… whatever. If he doesn’t want to eat it, he won’t, and it’s their cereal, not mine, so I am not too worried about waste, but it is still dumb.

Over Christmas, since we were traveling and more or less unable to make our own food while on the road, we bought several varieties of jarred food to test them out to see if he would eat any of them. To our surprise, he was willing to try pretty much anything and ate jars of food with gusto.

Once we started back at daycare, I was excited to report that we found several things he would eat and started sending a jar of food with him each day. He would eat about half of it, twice a day. This seemed okay at first, they would write down what he ate and send home the empty jar.

Yesterday though, we had brought two jars just for the sake of having options, and put both in the fridge for him. When Daniel came to pick him up, they reported that he ate basically nothing but handed him the two empty jars.

When he told me that, we were both like, WHAT? They… they were both EMPTY? And they said he only ate a few bites? WHERE IS THE REST OF THE FOOD?

I have no idea where it went. Maybe they throw out what he doesn’t eat? I think you’re supposed to spoon the portions into a separate bowl instead of feeding them from the jar due to bacteria, but either way – BOTH jars were gone! Did they dump out the whole jar into a bowl and when he wouldn’t eat it, they threw it all away? That stuff is EXPENSIVE. Only portion out half! If he doesn’t eat it, then only half is wasted instead of TWO. WHOLE. JARS.

AND, they are still persisting with the rice cereal. I don’t think the cereal is that good for babies and I don’t really want him eating it, especially not if he will eat other, more nutritious foods. Stop with the cereal already, daycare! Argh.

So: today, I brought in a jar I know he will eat, and wrote “½ jar of food, 2x/day. No rice cereal.” so hopefully they will adhere to that. I am just so annoyed that both of those jars were gone (in one day!) and one of them was the bigger, taller jar, and they reported that he basically ate nothing. Perhaps I just need to be much more firm with them?